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IW Golf League Benefiting St. Lawrence

IW Golf League Benefiting St. Lawrence

2019 Golf League Rules

 The Ironwood Golf League Benefiting St. Lawrence Kids is a fun, flexible 2 person team league held Mondays at Ironwood Golf Club. The League has been in existence since the 1950’s! The league begins Monday May 6th and ends September 16th. We will be off Memorial & Labor Day.


Each team will consist of an “A” and a “B” player.  The “A” player is the team member with the lower handicap.  Substitute players are permitted if you are unable to play on any given week.  Men AND Women are eligible to play in the league as long as they are out of high school, and over 18 years old.

Rounds must be played on scheduled Mondays.  You may tee off anytime Monday, but no later than 5:30PM. Please call the golf shop for a tee time if you are playing before 2:00 PM.    Appropriate golf attire is required at Ironwood Golf Club, which means a golf shirt with a collar.   Any league player may pair up, and tee off, with any other league player, not necessarily your partner or opponent.  There will be no more than “four” players per group, and be sure to keep up with the group ahead of you.  Limit ball hunting to a 3 minutes.  You are allowed no more than a “Double par” score per hole.  Once you reach that number of strokes, pick up your ball, record your score, and move on to the next hole.  All scorecards must be promptly turned in to the Ironwood Staff after completing your round.  Be sure they are clear and legible.  This means include your first and last name, scores, and totals.

 Team points are computed as follows:

  1. Two points are awarded for a player defeating his opponent.
  2. Two points are awarded for a team defeating their opposing team.
  3. One point is awarded to a player and/or team in case of ties.
  4. Six points maximum per team each week.
  5. No points are awarded unless the round is played.
  6. Points are based on “Net” scores.

Handicaps are determined as follows:

Handicaps are based on league scores and you do not need an official USGA handicap to play.   The best five of your last ten scores will be used to determine your handicap which is based on the USGA formula.

Returning players and substitutes will start the season using handicaps from the prior year.  A new player will receive a handicap, and it will be based on the score of his first round and the best score of his first three rounds.

A substitute with no rounds prior to 2017 will be assigned a handicap based on his first round.   Please make every effort to get a sub if you are unable to play.  Anyone can sub for your team as long as they are over 18 years old.  Be sure that your sub checks in at the clubhouse prior to playing, and be sure he tells the staff who he is subbing for.

Play will be governed by the new 2019 USGA rules with these exceptions.  A ball may be lifted, cleaned, and without penalty placed within one club length of its’ original lie no closer to the hole.  Rake and Place is permitted in the sand traps.   A ball in a penalty area marked with red, white, or yellow stakes may not be dropped outside of the penalty area or touched without taking the appropriate penalty strokes. The new local Out of Bounds/Lost Ball rule will also be in effect (2 stroke penalty from the spot the ball went out of bounds may be placed at the edge of the nearest fairway no closer to the hole).

Determination of a rain-out will be made by the Ironwood Staff.  That round is then officially cancelled and no points are awarded.

Rounds will be played from the white tee markers.  Green tee eligibility will be for players 60+, Red tees are played for the ladies.  You must play all eighteen weeks from the same tees.


All league members will pay their dues to the St. Lawrence Golf League in the amount of $35.00.  The dues must be paid to a League Consultant prior to the first Monday of play.  League members with unpaid dues will not earn points until they have paid in full.

Dues collected are used to pay for the last Monday’s banquet.  Substitute players are welcome to attend the banquet for a $20.00 fee.  Cash prizes are awarded to the first ten places as well as individual low gross and low net averages for the season.  Dues are also used to cover any miscellaneous expenses, such as funeral memorial contributions.

The Ironwood Staff will assign a “Blind Score” for those who do not show up on any given week.  If the “Blind Score” happens to win the match, it will not be credited points.

There is an optional skins game which is $2.00 per week.  There is also an optional closest-to-the-pin game which is $1.00 per week.  This money is to be paid to the Ironwood Staff prior to playing your weekly round.  You can play in both games, one or the other, or neither of them.  You will sign up prior to your first round and commit to playing all eighteen weeks or none.

Weekly Dues:

You will pay a weekly fee of $25 for 9 holes with cart ($20 walking), each Monday unless you are an Ironwood Member. $1 of each round will be donated to the students at the St. Lawrence Grade School.

For more information call the golf shop at 317-842-0551.

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